Do this Bob Proctor Law Associated with Attraction Sleep Technique

To have personal Bob Proctor law of attraction advice is exactly what I was dreaming of for so long. I found out that you could actually manifest while you sleep from the amazing man. I want to share what he taught me together with you! I had never heard something like this in my whole life.  

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I Didn’t Believe It Could Happen 


Bob Proctor Said “Suspend Your Disbelief”!  

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Results From This particular Law of Attraction Sleep Technique Starting Showing Up!

Reprogramming Your Mind While You Sleep

Bob Proctor’s Manifest Even while you sleep – Step # one


Action #2 – Play A Hypnosis


Step #3 – Awaken With Gratitude 


How And The reason why This Works!  

Give It A Try!  
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I Failed to Believe It Could Happen 

I used to be always someone that said, Factors . give it a try. I’ll suspended my disbelief. I grew up a good atheist. I grew up convinced that I was just a physical entire body in a physical universe, inside a dog eat dog world. I didn’t know anything about the power of thought or the power of your thoughts. Sleep manifesting sounded kind of out there to me.

Bob Proctor Said “Suspend Your own Disbelief”!  

But I decided to suspend our disbelief and it changed my entire life forever. My annual income turned into my monthly income. Consider that. I attracted my soulmate and everything that I wrote on this piece of papers that I wanted out of lifetime, it just started occurring.

And so i want to break down this legislation of attraction sleep technique and how you can use it to manifest. All you have to do will be suspend your disbelief. So let’s dive right into this video.

I was 21 years old and I started to learn more and more about the depths of the mind and understanding a lot more about vibration, frequencies, law of attraction, and the energy of your mind. I had the opportunity when I was about that age to have a phone call with Bob Proctor.

Bob Proctor said to me that you can utilize the power of the mind to bring the things that you would like to into your life. I thought, what say we I take this to the extreme? So I made a powerful hypnotherapy or subliminal reprogrammer. I wrote what I wanted on a piece of paper and I put it right next to my bed and as I was falling to sleep every night, I would read through this piece of paper.

Results From This Law of Appeal Sleep Technique Starting Showing Up!

A person wouldn’t believe the things that began happening in my life. I became a millionaire within my twenties. I had a YouTube channel that was getting a few hundred views on videos, I ended up getting fifty million on the channel. I was 22 and the number one English publishing company in the world, PenguinRandomHouse gave me a book contract, even though I was a college dropout and I didn’t really learn how to write.

Reprogramming Your Mind Even while you sleep


Some individuals call that luck once you really get the things that you need. They call it foolhardy or even new age or lucky along with hypnosis. And you know, the famous Voltaire, said this best. He said that good fortune was a word that we created to explain the known associated with unknown causes.

Meaning, we use fortune to explain the things that happen on the planet that we don’t understand the causes of. But the causes to everything originate from the mind. You know, what’s extremely is that just before you go to sleep, your brain enters a brainwave state that is akin to hypnosis.

The problem that the majority of people have with reprogramming their particular mind is they’re so attached to their own thoughts. Could possibly be so stuck in the corporate jungle that it’s like, Holy heck, their mind never shuts off. It’s like a hamster on cocaine.

bob proctor manifest in your sleep

It becomes very difficult to reprogram your mind because as soon as you insert new pictures, new images, new ideas, new goals, new horizons, brand new frequencies, there’s so much going on that the mind often rejects it simply because it’s completely new and foreign to what we have been used to.

After that we say, “Whoa, the law of attraction doesn’t work”. But we don’t understand that there are unknown causes. We view the effects, but we don’t know the known causes. And the known causes always return to the subconscious mind, which controls 95% of your life.

You have been programmed from your parents, by your grandparents, from your aunt, by your uncle, by your foster parents, by your institutions, by your friends, by your buddies parents, by the media, and so forth Sleep is very powerful because you enter a slower brainwave state where it requires much less work, a lot less discipline and also a lot less attention to get your desired results so that your outside world starts to mirror your deepest desires.

It’s very simple. I wish to end this video wearing down the steps again to be able to start to utilize them into your own life and make sleep into a fantastic device to manifest what you want. Therefore let’s do it.

Bob Proctor’s Manifest While You Sleep – Phase # 1

Step primary is to know what it is you want, which means getting clear and pulling out a pen plus pad to write down exactly what you really want.

How much money do you wish to make? How much money do you want to create per month? What do you want to do for the career? What are your health goals? What are your relationships? What do you desire out of your personal life? So what do you want out of your day to day encounter?

Write it all down. Everything that you desire, put it on a piece of paper, clearly. You are keep this by your bed. Every evening before you go to sleep, you are read this out loud. Not really silently, but out loud. The main reason you’re going to do this is because you’re going to put a final suggestion into your mind before you go to sleep. And you’re going to utilize the capability to speak in order to imprint upon your subconscious in your brain.

After you read this, just put it right alongside you on the side of your bed, on the side of your end table. And that’s step number one.

Action #2 – Play The Hypnosis

Phase number two is once you do step number one, you are likely to play a hypnosis. I actually highly suggest using one of mine or you can check out my program that’s called Sleepnosis that is really amazing. All of us created a sleep program designed to guide you through the night and reprogram your mind throughout sleep and throughout the night. So if you wish to check out Sleepnosis, it’s right there down below. That or my success hypnosis are great options.

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You are going to have this play either through the whole night or if you don’t want to play it with the whole night, you don’t have to since you can still get some of the outcomes just by using it as occur to be going into sleep. Put your own earphones in, close your own eyes and just listen and visualize. Think about the things you just read on your list so you allow the recording to be the last echos in your mind before you go off into sleep.

Action #3 – Wake Up With Gratitude 


Now, the third and final step is to wake up with gratitude. Sometimes this is the hardest part. Sometimes you don’t wish to wake up. This is the most important component – wake up and express your gratitude, that the things that you wrote on that paper, that the things you were visualizing while you listened to the particular hypnosis have all manifested in your life.

Say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you which i got this job and I’m making this amount of money! inch or “Thank you for your fact that I have attracted my soulmate! ” Or what ever it is you’re trying to reveal and then just let it go and go on throughout your day. Amazing things will start to happen since slowly but surely that sleep method is going to set a new primary level for your subconscious.

Just how And Why This Works!  


In the same way when you set a thermostat in the house for seventy degrees but it’s 40 degrees outside and you keep a couple of the windows open, what’s that thermostat going to do? It’s going to kick into full celebration. It’s going to shoot 80 education air out to combat the particular cold. If the room falls to 60 degrees, what’s the thermostat going to do, kick into high gear to get it back to the programmed level of seventy.

It’s the same manner that your subconscious works. Your subconscious gets programmed to some set point. How much money you make is a set point. That’s programmed. Have you ever noticed how most people make comparable amount of money that they did the previous year and the previous calendar year and the previous year? Like a thermostat, wherever the points are set in your life and your program, rarely do you deviate from them.  

law of attraction sleep

You will get the same results that you’re programmed to get. Most people think these people stuck like that though, yet here’s the thing. You can use this particular sleep technique to change the arranged program. The same thing happens along with relationships. Have you noticed exactly how some people always attract an emotionally abusive relationship exactly where there’s just constant reducing one another down and it’s toxic and it never works out?

You can trace that the way back to maybe the way in which that they saw their parents or their grandparents whenever they were children. It got programmed into them which became like the thermostat, the set point for a relationship. And then the subconscious created it over and over again, even though these people didn’t want it. And that’s the thing, because it doesn’t matter what a person consciously want. That’s just responsible for 5% of your life. What matters is how occur to be programmed, how your temperature control system is set. The same applies for health and all areas of living!

Give It A Try!  

Give this process a try! Keep in mind you have a marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably, powerful mind. Unfortunately, most people never find out how powerful their particular mind is because they’re stuck in their own disbelief. Take a look at see what you’re actually capable of. Let’s do a thought experiment and see what happens if you utilize this law of attraction sleep technique. Have an excellent day and I’ll speak with you soon.


Miracles are normal.


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