Day-to-day Happiness: 13 Simple Ways to Find it in Your Life

Daily Happiness

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. ”

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

“Since you obtain more joy out offering joy to others, you need to put a good deal of thought in to the happiness that you are able to give. ”

Eleanor Roosevelt


When you think it through then you may often think of the near future in some way.

The particular dream vacation coming up, the promotion you are working in the direction of, the baby that is on the way or the sixth date with a new person in your life.

Yet happiness can also be found in the small things of a regular day.

So nowadays look for it there. Consider just a few minutes and use one of the tips below and see how it brightens your day.

1 . One minute of appreciation.

Take a moment, sit down and just reflect on what you appreciate and love regarding your partner.

Or a friend or family member. Or yourself.

This will fill you with gratitude and redirect your focus to the beneficial side of things.

2 . Express your gratitude.

Inform the partner, family member or even friend what you came up with.

It will brighten their day.

So that as his or her face lights up with a big smile you’ll feel happier too because feelings are contagious.

3. Take 5 minutes to see how you can help someone out.

Offer some practical assist, some good advice, look something up for him or her, be encouraging and supportive or just lend a listening ear.

4. Reduce for 3 minutes.

Walk plus move slower for just these few minutes. Let your thoughts decrease.

Use the three or more minutes to enjoy what is happening around you.

Truly take it in with all your senses.

There is much simple wonder we skip each day because we are therefore preoccupied with our thoughts and plans for the future.

After those 3 a few minutes are up, continue at the slower pace if you like.

5. Function as the smile you want to see in your world.

Smile more towards the individuals you meet and you will get more smiles back.

You’ll feel better. They will too.

And they’ll probably smile more for the other people they meet that will day.

Therefore don’t wait for other people to smile more, be the smile you want to see in your planet instead.

6. Make someone else content.

May stop at just smiles.

  • Give someone a big hug.
  • Give him or her a little or a bigger gift associated with some kind.
  • Cook their favorite food if they have had a bad day.

7. Begin your day with setting a low bar for happiness.

As you open your eyes and get up to a new day tell yourself:

“Today I will have a low club for happiness”.

I have been using this one for quite a while now and it makes the normal day happier. I take fewer things for granted – like my meals, the weather, the small gestures in my world and the small times – and often pause to appreciate them more.

And it does not make me passive action-wise.

Instead it makes me feel more inspired, motivated and inner resistance decreases.

And so I get more of importance accomplished.

almost eight. Be the day you want to notice.

Do not wait for someone else to create the day you want to have.

Instead, get the ball moving yourself.

Take action and take the first little step or steps forwards:

  • Set up a movie night when the rainfall is pouring down.
  • Take a walk or an operate in the early morning to get your energy levels for the day and week up.

9. Say yes to  something new.

Something you haven’t consumed before. A new song or even album. A new author or movie. A new sport. A new way to work or through your town.

By actively going outside of what is normal for you or your rut you’ll discover new, amazing things in life quite often.

This will bring pleasure into your life and if you develop this habit then  in my experience it will be easier to move outside of your comfort zone in bigger ways too.

10. Say no to a should.

The shoulds in life can really drag that joy and energy down plus make everything feel like heavy work.

But do you have to do all of those shoulds on your to-do list?

Or are you probably stuck in a rut and so are doing some of those things just out of old habit?

Ask yourself one of my personal favorite questions:

Will this matter in five years? Or even 5 several weeks?

By cruising out like this you ensure it is easier to see the true value of doing something.

To see it for what it really is.

Therefore your questioning  makes it easier to simply relax and to say no to doing something because you realize that it is not that important anyway.

11. Have a 2 minute laugh-break.

Few points will so simply provide happiness and relieve tension as laughing. So:

  • Revisit a couple of those small video clips that usually makes you laugh or grin.
  • Head over to your favorite funny comic online or even in your bookshelf.
  • Listen a bit to a podcast or a stand-up show you know you find funny.

12. Perform what you deep down think is the right thing.

Instead of letting quick and judgmental phrases come of your mouth be understanding.

Instead of munching on some candy a new fruit or drink the glass of water.

When an impulse inside of you wants you do something that you know deep down  isn’t  right for you then pause.

Be still for some moments. The impulse can pass.

And you may more easily choose to take the action you think is right in this circumstance.

Then value that you did the right matter, give yourself a pat around the back and see how good it all feels. Continue to do this and you’ll help yourself to build a stronger self-esteem.

13. Stand nevertheless for a minute, close your eyes and just enjoy the winter season sun.

I did it yesterday also it was wonderful.

This one may however function best if you have had a wet autumn and a winter filled with grey skies for the last couple of months.


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