Changing Your Business: Why You Need To Offer A Curbside Option

Food delivery driver on a scooter

The way in which that people are shopping has changed. Thanks to the boom in online shopping, apps and now the COVID-19 pandemic pushing us toward contactless collections and deliveries you need to adapt your business in order to retain your existing customer base and expand into new markets.

If you have a bricks-and-mortar shop, you may be struggling to adapt to this “ new normal” but there are some simple modifications you can make to your current company operations in order to get your goods out to the people who want all of them and one of the things that you can look into offering is a curbside program.

The curbside program allows you to provide your good direct to your customers, or arrange a click-and-collect service so that your clients can come to you at a practical time.

There are quite a few things you need to think about before setting up this support and Mobiquity have investigated with over 400 customers to find out what they like and, maybe more importantly, don’ to like about current curbside services.

You will see the “ Why You Require a Curbside Program” full infographic on the Mobiquity website or click on the preview below.

Inforgraphic Preview: Why you need a curbside program

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