Broken Promises, Broken Commitments

Some individuals find commitments terrifying. They go right up to the edge of the water but fear so much taking the plunge. These people feel that once they make a commitment, they’re certain by it. Other folks create commitments at the fall of a hat. In their eyes, broken guarantees and commitments are routine. In fact , they’ve broken their commitments so many times, it’s 2nd nature to them.

People are far too quick to make commitments and too quick to abandon them.

What is Your Promise Really worth?

Whenever you give your word , what’s it worth? Do you view your own pledge as a solemn commitment or a throwaway line?

When you make a commitment, you’re not only guaranteeing to satisfy an responsibility, you’re putting your own honor on the line. You’re implying that you’re a “person of your word” and that you take your commitments seriously. As such, as long as you keep your promises, you’ll become viewed as trustworthy . BUT the minute you break a commitment — even a good insignificant one — you’re planting the seed of doubt in your relationship (and your self-esteem may take a blow since well). For these reasons, it’s vital to keep your own commitments.

When you make a guarantee, you’re not offering your word in erasable pencil,

you’re inscribing your commitment in indelible ink.

Do You Honor Your own Commitments or Scramble them for Convenience?

Would you:

  • Leap ship for a much better offer?
  • Walk away because factors didn’t go because planned?
  • Bail because you find the commitment a hassle?
  • Pawn your own commitment onto someone else?
  • Disregard your commitment since you made it haphazardly?
  • Betray someone because you’re seduced by temptation?
  • Back off since the situation changed since you made the commitment?
  • Quit because things turned out tougher than expected?
  • Walk away because you don’t take your responsibility seriously?

A promise should be as binding as a contract.

10 Common Reasons Why Obligations Are Broken

If keeping your commitments is the fact that important, why perform people routinely scramble them? Here are 10 common reasons:

Convenience. You never gave the particular commitment much believed in the first place.

Scenario changed. Things transformed since the commitment has been made.

Half-hearted commitment . You were wavering whenever you made the dedication — and now you want out.

Greed . The much better opportunity came along after the dedication was made.

Pushed into it. You had been coaxed into producing the commitment, and now you’re uncomfortable subsequent through on it.

Got cold feet. You enjoy your freewheeling life and are afraid of being trapped.

Fear of failure. You believe it’s better to bail than to possibly fail.

Made a verbal commitment . You did not formalize the commitment, so you think it “doesn’t rely. ”

Scared of missing out. You convince yourself there may become something better on the market — even though you did not find it yet.

Loved the run after. You enjoyed the particular chase, but since you have what you wanted, you lost interest.

A Promise Made Is a Promise Kept

How do you feel about obligations? Do you give sufficient thought before making much more do you make it haphazardly? The truth is, a commitment shouldn’t be made lightly. Think before you commit. Understand your limitations. Learn how to say no if you can’t, or don’t intend to, deliver in your promise. Manage goals so that you underpromise and overdeliver. And do not overcommit.

The best collateral is the handshake of an honorable person.

Making a commitment does not mean that you guarantee a successful outcome, however it does mean that you will do everything in your power to live up to your word. In order to normally do what’s right. To follow along with though until the dedication is satisfied. And to acknowledge full responsibility for your outcome. If a dedication is important enough to generate, it’s important enough to keep. Period! You’re not only doing this in order to earn the believe in and respect more, you’re doing it because you take great satisfaction in who you are. Coping with honor means something — so do damaged promises and obligations!

How Do You Feel About Broken Guarantees and Commitments?

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