Are You Reliable or a Flake?

If you’re like most people, at once or another you’ve hired a contractor to operate around your house. Will this sound familiar: A person contact them and wait days for the call back. They promise you will have an estimate the following day, but you receive this days later. There is a saying they’ll begin focus on the twelfth, which day comes and goes. They appear with one person, even though they promised three. You’re told that the job will be completed in two days and yet it requires four. And, when the work is completed, these people ask if you’re prepared to serve as a reference. Really? While the final product may be superb, the experience was awful — they were anything but reliable.

This experience isn’t limited to just contractors. Regardless of your business or even position in life, if you’re not reliable, it may damage trust plus credibility, ruin an experience, and even destroy the relationship.

You can be the most talented person in the world, in case you’re not dependable,

you’re going nowhere fast.

How to Spot a good Unreliable Person

Here are 10 warning signs of an untrustworthy person:

Unconcerned. Some people are so unenthusiastic, detached, and uncaring that you just want to wring them.

Inconsiderate. Some folks fail to return calls or email messages, show up unexpectedly, so when they leave, your home looks like a battle zone. They’re simply rude.

Self-centered. Some people are insensitive, disloyal, and carried away. They’re so opportunistic, they’ll always location their passions ahead of yours .

Erratic . Some folks show up late, say one thing however do another, plus make promises they will never keep. You are never sure if you can count on them.

Volatile. Some people are incredibly moody you never know who they’ll become each day.

Flaky. Some folks are scatterbrained. They create false expectations, fail to follow through, and continually hit you with an unforeseen surprise. (Ugh. )

Indecisive . Some people couldn’t make a decision if their existence depended on it. They will procrastinate , wait till the last minute, and then expect you to assist them make up for dropped time.

Vulnerable. Some folks are spineless. They have no first thoughts or opinions of their own and are two-faced . Other than that, you can depend on them.

Reckless. Some people are careless, lack attention to details, and do everything half-baked. You always have to look over their glenohumeral joint.

Unprincipled . Some folks have zero personal standards or even scruples. They encompass themselves with unsavory individuals , cut corners to make an extra money, and would state or do everything if it benefited them personally.

Are You Reliable? The Consequences Are Huge!

Some folks have no clue how their actions affects others. They think, “I’m dependable the majority of of times, ” or “I get paid to deliver an item, not hand-hold individuals. ” As an example, when people go to a fine restaurant, they expect great food, great company, and a great environment. This isn’t a multiple-choice situation. Being deficient in any one region results in a poor experience for others.

If you think that doing the right thing most of the time makes you reliable,

you’re joking yourself.

If you’re unresponsive, inconsiderate, self-centered, erratic, careless, volatile, flaky, indecisive, weak, or unprincipled — some of the time — you’re unreliable. You can will not accept reality, but “some of the time” isn’t good enough.

When you act properly on a consistent time frame , it enables people to predict your own behavior with some level of confidence. BUT , in the event that inappropriate behavior is displayed at any time during the process, it is going to cast a shadow on the relationship — and weaken the particular bonds of rely on.

Did your behavior cause people to think they not have to worry when you’re on the job? Or would it give people sleepless nights? Do your actions send the particular signal that you will always try your best and do what’s right? The truth is, it’s not just what you do , but the type of person you might be that will signals your dependability. When people know that you reside with honor and integrity, they won’t look over your glenohumeral joint, second-guess your choices, or question your own motives. They understand you have their best attention at heart — that is called trust. Plus that’s the highest seal of approval anyone can receive.

Are you currently Reliable?

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