Are you aware that Dogs Can Soar?

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Did you know that dogs may fly? Not all dogs, silly. But some canines can.

How do I know? Did We ever see one fly? Not really. But We heard it from the very good source, and I also read this somewhere. Look for yourself. It’s all over the Internet. Also i heard a couple of individuals talking about it last week. They seem like intelligent people… a lot better than me. I assume if they believe this, so should I. Correct? Just because I haven’t seen dogs take off doesn’t mean these people can’t.

When your ears hear one thing, however your eyes see another…use your brain.

Sometimes I am astounded by what people believe. They don’t even attempt to make use of their brain. When they read something on the web or hear the “so-called expert” state something, they treat it as gospel — no questions questioned. They don’t also attempt to establish whether or not it’s true or even makes sense. On top of that, the greater people who buy into the storyplot the more credible it really is — or so it is said. They conclude, if friends and colleagues believe something, it ought to be true. They don’t think they’re smart enough to issue things — but maybe they should.

One or a lot of believers don’t figure out truth or untruth.

Don’t Believe All you Hear — or Read

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t even try to speak the truth. Some people are biased and tell you part of the story — their aspect; others substitute viewpoint for fact. They’re more interested in persuading than informing you. And there are those who advantage personally by leading you astray. Their key is that they’re getting paid to force the narrative. (Ouch! ) You’d think they’d disclose that will “minor” fact, however they don’t. SO unethical!

You would think it’s obvious that dogs can not fly, but there are things — similarly crazy — that folks believe to be real. It’s not entirely their own fault. After all, unscrupulous people know that some folks believe everything they will hear or read. They take advantage of their particular naivety or insufficient knowledge. Furthermore, a few organizations intentionally attempt to mislead you. For example , they tell you their own side of the tale and limit access to opposition viewpoints . Maybe they’re afraid of that which you might learn. In addition , some organizations keep “experts” to write beneficial articles on topics of their choosing. (Think of it as a fake review. ) Even worse, some organizations fund research only if the findings state positive things about all of them or their products. Final, some media outlets band together to promote a message — understanding full well it’ll appear more credible if it’s reinforced by multiple sources. According to a law of propaganda — often attributed to the particular Nazi chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels, “Repeat a lie often enough and it turns into the truth. ”

I must confess — dogs can’t fly. I made that story up. Ask yourself why other people don’t come clean when their accounts are false or even misleading. Some people do not confess because they’re embarrassed and don’t want to admit problem. Others don’t concede because they know complete well that they were lying and do not want to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

If they’re not going to be honest and forthright, the responsibility in order to fact-check information drops on you. If you worry about distinguishing truth from untruth, it’s important to evaluate information depending on its accuracy, integrity, objectivity, timeliness, plus thoroughness. Consider whether or not the person delivering the message is in the know — the reputable source. Is the information coming from the original source or secondhand? Does the messenger have a personal bias or a vested interest in the outcome? Will be the information presented as opinion or reality? Are all sides of the issue objectively protected?

Just because you hear or learn something doesn’t suggest it’s accurate, honest, or objective. Be a little skeptical. Do your research. And open your mind to opposing viewpoints. Remember canines can’t fly, and neither should many of the other stuff you hear plus read.

Do You Think That Canines Can Fly?

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