Approaches To Promoting Safety In The Workplace

Man in safety gear reading a newspaper and drinking a coffee

Health and safety in the workplace is really a subject of the utmost importance and something that everyone who owns a company or manages the team should be thinking about. But how do you start implementing health and safety practices and policies where there are none? Here are some of the core methods that you should be combining.

Risk Analyses

First of all, you need to have a good option of what the dangers are in the office in the first place. Working with your own team, you might be able to identify some of these very easily, yourself, and some may be relatively obvious. However , you should be complacent simply because you are able to identify and address some of the dangers. Performing a risk assessment of the company can help you identify all the potential risks.

PPE Supply

A lot of workplace environments are unsafe because they present a physical danger to the individual body parts of the worker. For these environments, you need to determine what personal protective apparatus you need and ensure that you always have it in supply. Gloves, helmets, goggles, and higher vis gear are the most common examples, and so they need to be checked on a regular basis to make sure that they are functioning and reliable.


Your employees are, in part, responsible for addressing the risks that they can identify once you have assessed the risks and advised them of them. However , you need to make sure that they have got the skills to get around those risks. Aside from basic health and safety schooling, you need to provide more specific training like on the internet working at height training to address the specific situations they are more prone to be in. This should also include routine re-training to assist them refresh their knowledge and keep their standards up.

Marking And Signage

If you are able to recognize specific areas of the company property or work site that the risk of injury will be higher, then you should also inform the employees. Workplace safety signs can include reminders showing how to manage risk and exactly what equipment to wear, while things like floor markers can make them more conscious of level differences in flooring as well as pathways that need to be held clear to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Overseeing And Management

Once you have the ideal provisions and plans in place, you need to make certain that they are being upheld. Those who work in a field that sees a better than average rate of injury might, for instance, want to find a safety official. This is a team member with the responsibility associated with keeping an eye out for anything, be it employee behavior or a portion of the workplace, that violates the health and basic safety policy and has the authority to address it.

The approaches above are all continual. There is no stage where you are “done” with health and safety but , instead, it must be an ongoing hard work to address dangers plus make sure they are mitigated as best as possible with a mixture of the tools above.

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