A person Wont Believe What In fact Happens

You wont think what i’m about to reveal to you and what just happened. Is actually absolutely amazing. If you believe in the idea that miracles are regular and you can create anything that you would like in your reality, this is for a person. You can do it a whole lot quicker that you are currently imagining. You actually won’t believe what just happened.

I used to be 21 years old. I was seated on my couch. I listened to Bob Proctor recording on a computer. He had been telling the story about how their life changed. He due $6, 000 way back within the day.

Bob’s 86 now. So this was in Bob’s twenties, early twenties. He owed $6, 1000 and he was only producing $4, 000 a year. He only had two months of high school education and he was in his words, broke, miserable, sick all the time, and never acquired any money. His mentor, Beam Stanford, came over to your pet and he said, I want you to definitely pull out an index cards.

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On that index credit card, I want you to write what you need. And Bob wanted $25, 000. Remember this was long ago in the day. He’s 86. Now this was in his earlier twenties. So that is an horrible lot of money. He said he didn’t even know one person that had that much money. It would have taken him a terrible long time.

you wont believe

Therefore he writes on this credit card – “I am therefore happy and grateful I use $25, 000”. Ray Stanford said to carry this cards everywhere you go. He said, in case you carry this card along with you, it’s going to activate those human brain cells. And if you make it with you everywhere you go, every single time, that you simply activating a picture in your mind. You aren’t activating those brain cells. We know now from neuroscience that it’s called Hebbs Law. It says that nerve cells that fire with each other, they wire together within your brain.

So it created something that we now know is called a synaptic connection or a neural network. A couple years later, he or she didn’t have $25, 1000. He was actually making $175, 000 a year. This individual was cleaning offices and he ended up having offices all over America and London and Canada.

He was making 175, 1000, just a couple years removed from producing 4, 000. He exceeded what was on this card dramatically. I was about 21 years of age. My wife was in credit card debt. I actually wrote on this card and I started with something that appeared even unbelievable at the time, because I was making about two grand a month. I place for my first one particular, he said to write something that you didn’t really, a person weren’t even sure you could actually achieve. I had written down 20, 000 because that seemed crazy in my experience if I could make that much cash.

you wont believe

Our thinking was, “This will be ludicrous”. I can’t see at my level of consciousness, how I can ever create that. I suppose that’s why Albert Einstein declared that you can’t solve a problem in the same level of consciousness that will created it. You have to raise your level of awareness. This guy Greg is saying that he went from 4, 000 to 175, 000 in a couple yrs. I thought I don’t have what I want in life yet, so I should do it. So I did not believe I could do it, but I believed he considered it. And if I thought he believed it, after that was belief enough for me.

So I thought 20, but 20 had been such a daunting number for me. I didn’t believe this that I changed it in order to 21, 000. so it caused it to be less daunting in the way that it interrupted the patten associated with big numbers. Throwing the extra one thousand in for some cause made it easier to say to myself for some reason. When I wrote it on a piece of paper, the craziest thing happened. We didn’t end up making $21, 000. I ended up turning my annual income into our monthly income. And then what ended up happening is my income Rose above a hundred 1000 dollars a month. And this has been all the while in my twenties. I simply turned 29 a couple of weeks ago.

This isn’t lots of money compared to Jeff Bezos, for the 20 something year old who had so many cards stacked against him, this is a sport changer in abundance. I just wish to be happy. Even if I don’t make any real money with it, as long as I’m uplifting people and I’m writing books and making videos about raising our level of awareness and spiritual, as long as I’m happy, it’s great. To go from that to where I went is definitely bonkers. My wife and I were sitting down outside. She says, Soon we will be right back. And this is on my right before my 29th birthday the other day. She returns with this little box and he or she says, check this out.

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And so she have been collecting a lot of our things and memories over the years, since we started dating whenever we were like 22, I believe. So she had each one of these memories, all these photos, periodicals, pieces of notes. And inside these notes were my old index cards. I still make my catalog cards today, but my old ones were in there. They were folded up into these tiny little matters. I would fold them upward and stick them within my pocket. Ashley started selecting them up and conserving them. I got to reflect and see the steps I took in leveling upward. I found the old $21, 000 notes, Then I found the $100, 000, then the $$1, 000, 000.

By the time I was 29, most of these crazy things happened. And thus my point is that when that could happen for me, which could happen for Bob, what do you think could happen for you? Plus it doesn’t need to be money. I mean, it could be anything. It could be appreciate, personal joy, or just a person wanting to create your own fact in any fashion you wish.

you wont believe

And it’s a very simple process to do. And you are be amazed at the results that can come into your life when you do it. So now I just want to provide you with the three quick and easy ways to use this, but if you’re nevertheless watching this video and this is something you are fully going to do, then here is how you do it. You are going to begin it with, “I am so happy and grateful”. So you start in the present anxious because the subconscious receives details in the present tense. And that’s the way you activate the brain cells. Cause your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real plus what’s not real.

Number two would be to only write in the present tense. For me, it was “I feel so happy and pleased now that I am a successful thought leader, inspiring millions of people and earning $21, 000 the month”. Sometimes I would change the words here and there to have a design interrupt just ever so slightly. So your card would write “I am so joyful and grateful (fill in the blank with what you desire in our tense)”.

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Step amount three is to carry it just about everywhere. What I love to do is continue walks and carry it with me on walks. So Factors . go on a walk. I will listen to something inspiring.

You could turn on the YouTube video or you listen to a good audio book. So I would do that and I would carry the card in my hand beside me. I wouldn’t put it in my pocket. I’d carry it within my hand with me because anywhere your energy goes is where creation follows. Whatever you give energy to grows. When now i’m driving, I put it on my lap. When i’m on the store, it’s in my wallet but I try to keep my hand in my pocket to stay connected and focuses on this.

What I had been doing was always placing my energy on the proven fact that I was so happy plus grateful that I was making $21, 000 per month. All these amazing things were happening and my dream of uplifting millions of people came to light. In case you enjoy this post, please ensure that you like and comment and maybe even share so somebody else can be inspired too. And don’t forget to rewire those outdated toxic thought patterns by using my free success hypnotherapy. We didn’t talk about that in this post but it’s an additional key factor in my development of manifesting my dream life. So go ahead and use that. It’s actual right down below and peppered all over this page.

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Miracles are usually normal.


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