a few Minimalist Techniques to be More Creative & Productive

The people who can create masterworks in materials, visual arts, and the sciences are often called ‘geniuses’. We respect these super makers but too often we forget the words associated with Thomas Edison:

Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

If you’re a creative professional with this problem, at least once in your life someone has asked “how do you do it? ” What they are really wondering is: how can you become creative on demand and under pressure?

I’ve come up with a lot of B. S. answers to that question that will I’ve forgotten a lot of them.   Truth be told a lot of my on-demand guru as a full-time speechwriter comes from large doses of caffeine plus adrenaline.

The particular caffeine I obtain from Starbucks, the adrenaline comes from procrastinating until the last minute to start work.   This technique has produced a few truly awe-inspiring rhetoric.   It has furthermore caused major screw-ups which are less tolerated the higher I rise in the organization .

Here are 3 minimalist habits I’ve adopted over the years that will increased my efficiency without destroying creativeness.   They will meet your needs as well.    

brand new fodder for the writing. I am told that while on these types of walks, people observe me talking to me personally.

For good reason, basically didn’t talk to personally, how would I am aware what I’m considering?

3. Reduce distraction, improve concentration .

What is the bare minimum you need to complete your task?   Most people choose not to know.   We know the things all of us like to have close to us when we want to work but most of them are just distractions.

Our telephones, capsules, and their constant notifications from social media marketing keep us from fully focusing on what needs to be done.   Remember that each thoughts will rob a person of as much as 20 minutes of focus. That’s why I put my phones in the desk cabinet until I’ve completed at least 40 minutes of work.

To enhance my concentration, I play exactly the same music every time We sit down to work.   This method creates mental conditioning.   The association between the songs and working implies that once the song comes on, I automatically be a little more focused.

An additional benefit of using this mental hack is that all of us don’t need ‘motivation’ to start.   After the song plays the actions associated with those tunes will begin without believed.

For those of you who wish to try this, find songs that has a slow in order to moderate tempo and no human voices.   This is because even if we don’t understand the terms of a song we will automatically listen to your voice, which is entertaining.  

Youtube has several ‘Classical Music for Studying’ selections which I’d recommend for improving focus.   You could be inclined to use a favorite song for this but that’s not a good idea as any time you hear the song you will think of work.  

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