9 Things You Need to Prevent Doing to Start Living a Happier and Self-Kinder Life

Happier and Self-Kinder Life

“When one door of joy closes, another starts, but often we all look so long at the closed door that people do not see the one that has been opened for all of us. ”’

Helen Keller

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. ”

Mahatma Gandhi

Living a life where you’re more happy and kinder towards yourself is not just about what you can do.

But also about what you happen to be already doing. And particularly those habits that have a negative plus unhappy impact on your life.

So this week I’d like to talk about 9 such habits. And what have helped me a whole lot to do instead.

1 . Stop  overthinking.

Overthinking could make any issue seem bigger and scarier than it actually is. It may hold you in life and from taking action.

What to do instead:

Established short time-limits intended for decisions.

For  example:   For small decisions like in case should go and do the particular laundry, start writing a new article or work out I usually give myself 30 seconds or less to make a decision.  

For somewhat larger decisions that could have taken me times or weeks to consider through in the past I actually set a deadline day for 30 minutes or at least for the end of the workday.

Keep a simple reminder where you can not avoid seeing it every day.

A note having said that “ Keep matters extremely simple” to the white board I could see many times each day allowed me to greatly to – over time – minimize my overthinking.

second . Stop swimming within the sea of the most bad voices.

Our joy is greatly influenced by the people as well as the other sources around all of us.

In case you swim around in the sea of undesirable people and details that drag a person down into fear, aggravation and feeling powerless then that will restrict your life.

What to do instead:

Figure out what the biggest time-wasters and energy-drains are among those things that influence a person.

  • What 1-2 individuals drag you and your thoughts down the most?
  • What 1-2 other sources like weblogs, forums, books, mags, social media channels and TV-shows have the biggest negative impact?

Compose those answers straight down. Then think about what 1-2 people plus 1-2 other sources that lift you up and make you feel more happy about yourself and life the most.

Make a decision to spend less time with the 2-4 negative sources and also to spend the time you have now freed plan those positive affects you listed.

a few. Stop getting trapped in the past or future.

Spending too much time in the past usually leads to going over old mistakes or even failures over and over again and to wishing you could return and do something information.

Plus spending too much time thinking about the future usually results in worries and to developing monsters and nightmare scenarios in your mind.

How to proceed instead:

Spend more of your energy in the present moment. You will feel lighter, things will feel easier plus you’ll be more alert to appreciate the small miracles of everyday life.

Reconnect with what’s happening right this moment by just sitting down and being still. After that either:

  • Simply breathe. Spend a couple of minutes upon focusing on just your breaths going in and out.
  • Only focus on what is going on around you now. Get it done with all your senses. Listen, see, smell and feel what is happening in your little part of the world at this moment.

four. Stop setting a too high bar meant for happiness.

A common error I used to make had been to set a way too high bar for my very own happiness.

And so I usually just felt happy when I achieved something big, when I did something perfectly or when something unexpected plus wonderful happened.

You don’t have to await for those rare occasions to feel delighted though.

What to do rather:

Tell yourself this particular as you get out of bed within morning:

Today I will possess a low bar intended for happiness.

To remember to do this, think about writing it down on a note or on the smart phone so you see it first thing in the morning.

By doing so you’ll take fewer points for granted. Your own attention will naturally become more on what is happening inside your daily life and you’ll be more grateful for that things there.

Like the foods, the weather, hanging out with a buddy or a pet for a while, the small gestures of kindness and the small moments that pass by so quickly.

This has at least been my experience with this habit. And contains not decreased my drive to achieve things or to get to performed.

Instead it has made daily life lighter to live. And the path to what I wish to achieve a happier someone to walk on.

5. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

Comparing yourself to other people can easily turn into a destructive and depressing daily habit.

You evaluate relationships, cars, professions, bodies and houses and at the end of the day your self-esteem will be low and you think that a failure with negative thoughts buzzing around in your head like a swarm of irritating bees.

What to do instead:

Compare you to ultimately yourself.   Simply see:

  • How much you have grown.
  • How far you have come.
  • The progress you have made towards your goals and dreams.

And don’t forget in order to celebrate the small achievements and steps forwards too.

This habit will help you to see yourself from a kinder and more useful perspective where you feel energized as you prefer the steps you have used on your journey.

Instead of sensation drained and powerless to keep growing and also to keep going for what you want out of life.

six. Stop doing items too fast.

When you go quick pretty much all the time whilst walking, talking, driving or working then you definitely tend to feel more stressed.

Your focus easier becomes scattered plus it becomes harder to think clearly.

What to do instead:

Slow down. Walk, speak, move, drive plus work slower. When you do that:

  • The stress in your body and brain will float away.
  • You’ll naturally be more at the moment.
  • You will enjoy all the smells, sights, sounds and experiences of existence even more.

seven. Stop  pushing away how you deep straight down feel.

It is something to focus on what is beneficial in life.

But it is another thing to attempt to push away how you deep down experience something.

And it usually will not lead to happiness even if you try to turn on a smile and push the positivity.

What to do instead:

Compose it or speak it out.

Don’t force the positive thinking. If you have negative emotions or thoughts that pop up again and again after that take some time with you to ultimately think it via.

The pen and paper or a journal on your computer can help you to think more clearly.   Or you can talk about it along with someone close to you.

Build a small plan.

After you have accepted and processed how you think plus feel about this then write down a small plan – maybe just a step or a few them – that you could take action on to move yourself out of this scenario and into something better.

And after that get going and get the ball rolling by taking the very first small and practical step forward.

8. End spending too little energy and attention on which truly matters for you.

It is easy to get lost plus misspend too much of your entire day and week.

On things you might just do away from habit or because you feel you should. Upon busywork or upon things that honestly strong down isn’t that will important to you.

What to do instead:

Get your focal points in check. Focus on exactly what truly matters for you personally.

Consider: what are the top 4 most important things in my life this year?

Maybe it is your family. Or your hobby and to become a better photographer. Or your health and getting fit. Or an important project at work or in your business.

Sit down, really think about it and reduce what matters to just the essentials.

Then take out a pen along with a small piece of papers and write down simply your top 4 priorities for this 12 months.

Place that note to cannot avoid seeing it every day. Similar to your work space. Or even beside your bathroom looking glass or on your fridge.

It will help you to keep your concentrate on the right track each day.

9. Stop awaiting someone else to make a person happier.

Don’t make the all too common mistake of waiting for somebody else to create the 7 days, month and season you want to have. That usually leads to much waiting around and frustrations.

What to do instead:

Be positive. Get the ball moving yourself.   Do something and take the 1st small step forward with making the modifications you want to make to create the life you want to live.

  • Set up the coffee date or an evening at the pub along with those most good people in your life.
  • Set the low bar meant for happiness as you jump or drag yourself from bed in the morning plus go slow today.
  • Sit down tonight and write down those four most significant things for you this year.

And if it feels challenging and you start to waste time then remember that you can always take smaller tips forward.

Do whatever is needed to reduce that psychological barrier and to get to begin or back to taking action once again.


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