67 Empathy Quotes to Help You Live a Kinder and More Compassionate Life

Empathy Quotes to Help You Live a Kinder and More Compassionate Life


Such an often underrated but important part of life.  

So in this post I’d like to share the most effective quotes on empathy I’ve found.

Timeless thoughts that can help us to cultivate our emotional intelligence and become more compassionate. To improve and deepen our relationships with and understanding of others.

As well as to help us install a more loving and type world.

I hope you’ll find some thoughts as worthwhile and inspiring ?nternet site have.

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67 Uplifting combined with Motivating Empathy Speech marks

“Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. Due to walked in that man’s shoes. ”

Elvis Presley

“Self-absorption in all its forms wipes out empathy, let alone commisération. When we focus on ourselves, our society contracts as each of problems and preoccupations loom large. When we focus on persons, our world expands. Our personal problems drift about the periphery of the concentration and so seem narrow, and we increase each and every capacity for connection – or compassionate processing. ”

Daniel Goleman

“Empathy is seeing utilizing the eyes of an additional, listening with the radio stations of another and consequently feeling with the heart and soul of another. ”

Alfred Adler

“Opinion turning out to be the lowest form of human beings knowledge. It requires very little accountability, no comprehending. The highest form of knowledge… is empathy, for it requires us for you to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires deep purpose larger than some of the self kind of becoming familiar with. ”

Bill Bullard

“Empathy grows as we learn. ”

Alice Miller

“Sometimes all a person have to have is an empathetic tab; all he or she prefers is to talk it. Just offering a functional listening ear along with an understanding heart because of their suffering can be a mammoth comfort. ”

Roy H. Bennett

“Whenever you are about to find fault offering someone, ask yourself this one question: What due to mine most quite resembles the one What i’m about to criticize? ”

Marcus Aurelius

“One acquaintance, one person who is easily understanding, who can take you the trouble to listen to individuals as we consider a nightmare, can change our extensive outlook on the planet. ”

E. H. Mayoli

“We think that we listen, but very rarely do we listen considering real understanding, dead-on empathy. Yet play list, of this very extraordinary kind, is one of the most powerful forces for amendment that I know. ”

Carl Rogers

“The best people we have proven are those who have grasped defeat, known struggling with, known struggle, named loss, and have discovered their way out while using the depths. These individuals have an appreciation, a new sensitivity, and knowledge of life that can fills them with empathie, gentleness, and a greatly loving concern. Good people do not just come up. ”

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

“Resolve to be tender employing the young, compassionate throughout the aged, sympathetic by the striving, and understanding of the weak combined with wrong. Sometime in whole life you will have been several of these. ”

George Washington Carver

“I think cute have empathy. Aren’t not have enough daring to display it. ”

Online Angelou

“The alter of anger won’t be calmness.   Hallelujah empathy. ”

Mehmet Oz .

“We have a pair ears and one even if so that we can have to understand twice as much right now. ”


“ Empathy is about standing in an individual’s shoes, feeling along with or her method, seeing with his aka her eyes. Not only for is empathy tricky to outsource and preset, but it makes the economy a better place. ”

Daniel H. Pink

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and scream but it takes appearance and self-control of being understanding and satisfying. ”

Dale Carnegie

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of affection, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and vision. It is the source of really hope, empathy, accountability, yet authenticity. If we want substantial clarity in our meaning or deeper plus more ! meaningful spiritual experiences, vulnerability is the swing path. ”

Brené Brown

“Never look down on anybody can easily you’re helping the dude up. ”

Jesse Knutson

“You can only thoroughly grasp people if you feel these individuals in yourself. ”

Mark Steinbeck

“There is not a small act on-line kindness. Every understanding act makes important the world. ”

Mary Sue Radmacher

“You cannot ever do a kindness too early, for you never know to be able to will be too late. ”

Rob Waldo Emerson

“Whenever you feel like criticizing any one… just remember that all the people these days haven’t had the huge benefits that you’ve had. ”

P oker. Scott Fitzgerald

“If there is any one classified of success, the idea lies in the ability to make sure you other person’s possess an and see things by his angle as well as your own. ”

Henry Frd

“ Humans are not as good as we should be inside our capacity to empathize in addition to feelings and spirit of others, be these firms humans or added animals on Earth. So , maybe part of ones formal education should be training in empathy. Just think how different everybody would be if, in fact , that were ‘ paying attention, writing, arithmetic, agape. ‘”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

“Too often many underestimate the power of the feeling, a smile, a kind as being a definite, a listening ear canal, an honest compliment, or the smallest act associated with caring, all of which have the possibility to turn a lifetime around. ”

Leo Buscaglia

“We judge that which you don’t understand. ”

Not proven

“When I prepare yourself to talk to people, Write-up spend two thirds of that time period thinking what they want to learn and one third thinking what I want to feel. ”

Abraham Lincoln

“No one cares exactly what you know, until folks know how much a care”

Theodore Roosevelt

“Yet, taught by any time, my heart makes learned to glow for other’s wonderful, and melt with other’s woe. ”


“You think your company pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented with the history of the world, then you read. It books that guided on me that the issues that tormented me the were the very ingredients that connected me that have people who were existent, who had ever been functioning. ”

James Baldwin

“ Reading is an use in empathy; an exercising in walking while someone else’s shoes for a while. ”

Malorie Blackman

“Empathy may be the single most important experience that must be nurtured in order to provide peace an eliminating chance. ”

Arundhati Kitchen tools

“Criticism, like rain fall, should be gentle required to nourish the man’s growth without destroying his origins. ”

Frank A. Clark

“It’s the hardest thing in the world to go on being aware of another woman’s pain. ”

Pat Barker

“You yourself, everything anybody in the uncut universe, deserve personal love and affectionateness. ”


“Some everyone think only intelligence counts: knowing how to improve problems, knowing how to acquire by, knowing how will assist you to an advantage and use it. But the is most effective of intellect are perhaps insufficient without courage, love, friendship, pitié, and empathy. ”

Leader Koontz

“ When preparing for to develop your powers of empathy and consequently imagination, the whole world presents you with to you. ”

Susan Sarandon

“The death involving human empathy is among the actual earliest and most ordering signs of a subculture about to fall into barbarism. ”

Hannah Arendt

“Learning to stand in someone else’s shoes, come across through their loving, that’s how peacefulness begins.   And so it’s up to you to build that  happen.   Empathy is a superior of character which often can  change the region. ”

Barack Obama

“Leadership is about empathy. Absolutely about having the ability to be used for and connect with buyers for the purpose of inspiring as well as , empowering their droit. ”

Oprah Winfrey

“ Agape begins with grasping life from another person’s perspective. Nobody carries an objective experience of world. It’s all through our very own individual prisms. ”

Sterling K. Brown

“When people talk, songs completely. Most people do not ever listen. ”

Ernest Shakespeare

“When we judge or criticize another girl, it says totally about that person; it is merely says something special about our own need to be really important. ”


“Empathy is merely listening, holding house, withholding judgment, emotionally connecting, and attaching that incredibly medical message of you happen to be not alone. ”

Brené Brownish

“It’s not so much the exact journey that’s main; as is the way that we both treat those we come across and those around involving, along the way. ”

Jeremy Aldana

  “Compassion, sympathy, and love include the real pillars discovered build within on their own to become human. ”


“We must to be able to regard people a smaller in the light relating to what they do or take out to do, and more involved in the light of what they suffer. ”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“I believe agreement is the most essential very good of civilization. ”

Roger Ebert

“There ‘s no greater loan than the sympathetic ear. ”

Outspoken Tyger

“Empathy is dependant on finding echoes from another person in your own. ”

Mohsin Hamid

“As we tell myths about the lives of others, we learn how to comprehend what another insect might feel according to various events. Meanwhile, we identify with one another creature and learn something about ourselves. ”

Martha Chemical. Nussbaum

“We absolutely need very strong ears to see ourselves judged to be truthful, and because there are limited who can endure open criticism without being stung by it, those who exploits to criticize company perform a remarkable serve of friendship, with regard to undertake to injury or offend men for his own very good is to have a substantial love for the. ”

Michel de Montaigne

“Peace cannot be held by force; may very well only be achieved by finding out. ”

Albert Einstein

“The great gift relating to human beings is that we need the power of empathy, everyone can sense a difficult connection to each other. ”

Meryl Streep

“Be kind of, for everyone you meet up is fighting a challenging battle. ”


“I have no right, vian anything I do or just say, to demean a human being in his person eyes. What matters is absolutely not what I think of to understand; it is what he still thinks of himself. To undermine a complete man’s self-respect is sin. ”

Antoine fitness Saint-Exupery

“Have compassion and empathy within your heart. Many people are contending deep emotional distressful beneath the surface of these lives, and laugh even as they do any harm inside. ”

Jim Palmer

“I think ones act of reading material imbues the reader with sensitivity toward the outdoors that people who never do read can sometimes often. I know it seems like a major contradiction in terms; inside the reading is such a person, internalizing act that this holiday appears to represent good disengagement from day by day life. But reading through, and particularly the measurement of fiction, encourage us to view the modern world in new and therefore challenging ways… The software allows us to inhabit our consciousness of a which is a precursor in which to empathy, and responsiveness is, for me, of the marks of a good quality human being. ”

John Connolly

“One of the most of the you can do on this globe is to let everyone know they are not on his own. ”

Shannon L. Alder

“The purpose of man made life is to benefit, and to show concern and the will which might help others. ”

Albert Schweitzer

“Be me a no. ”

John Ajvide Lindqvist

“Attention is the least common and purest style of generosity. ”

Simone Zumal

“It is much more useful to look for the strength in to others. You can gain totally nothing by criticizing very own imperfections. ”

Daisaku Ikeda

“Don’t criticize those; they are just what we’d be under que asemeja circumstances. ”

Abraham Lincoln

“Men build numerous people walls and not plenty of bridges. ”

Joseph Découplé Newton

“Wherever you can find a human being there is an magnet to kindness. ”


“If you see someone without having a smile, give them surely yours. ”

Dolly Parton

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