6 Ways to Claim Your own Power

Alice Walker said, “ The most typical way people quit their power can be by thinking they don’ t have got any. ”

Does that resonate? Maybe you feel like you can’t speak up at the office, or you aren’t having your needs met in relationships. Or maybe you really feel disconnected from the World and can’t bring in what you want.

Here’s the good news: You didn’t lose your strength, you just forgot you had it!

Within this video, I talk about 6 ways to declare your power—and launch all that’s blocking it.

Every moment, the Universe is conspiring to bring you toward right-minded thinking and the energy of adore. That love will be your power, it’s your own presence, it’s the energy that attracts your own desires.

Miracles Now by Gabby Bernstein The quickest method to get back into the existence of your energetic power is to c are for yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Want a book that will totally hook you up with self-care practices that will get you back into positioning with your power? Check out Wonders Now . Within it, I handpicked 108 simple techniques to battle our most common problems—stress, burnout, frustration, envy, resentment.




Make Your INNER Work a Full-Time Job

Ensure it is your deepest devotional commitment to keep your self spiritually connected plus grounded every day. If you are not fully grounded and aligned, you’ll feel as if a fish out of water. You’ll get rid of your own power and you’ll unconsciously pick up the negative vibes of others. Make staying grounded, regulated, spiritually linked and secure the greatest, most valuable, most important component of your day.

In case you’ re not in that attuned positioning, then the negative energy around you will suck you dry. Take care of your energy and remain connected to your energy.

Undo a Lack Mentality Fast

A lack mentality can really a person feeling distant from the power. Here are the 3 steps I teach in the video clip to get you out of lack and back into strength. This is called the Select Again Method, plus it’s from our book Extremely Attractor.

  • Step 1 : Notice the thought and how it makes you feel.
  • Step two: Forgive yourself for having the thought.
  • Step three: Choose the next-best-feeling thought.

Follow this method to guide your ideas back to power.

Remember that you’re normally being guided.

Every moment of our own life is an opportunity to choose to see through the lens of love, rather than the zoom lens of fear. In those moments when we align and remember right-minded thinking, the energy associated with love reunites us with our true power.

I want you to definitely know that you never lost your power, you simply forgot about it! Return to this video as often as you can remember where your true power lies.

Want a lot more guidance on how to claim back your power? Click the link for my free mini-course on how to very clear judgment and get spiritually connected.

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