50 Signs That You’re a Train Damage

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Some people are a teach wreck about to take place. They’re greedy and self-absorbed, and so they routinely make unforced mistakes . To make matters worse, they lack proper scruples and have a lousy attitude to boot. (Ugh. ) It’s like they can’t appear to get out of their own way. Do you know anyone who is a train damage about to happen? Have you been a train damage?

Those who are train wrecks:

  1. Bring out the particular worst in people.
  2. Wallow within self-pity.
  3. Think the world revolves around them.
  4. Expect other people to bail them out.
  5. Lie so much that will they will don’t even know the reality anymore.
  6. Worship money such as it’s the only thing in existence.
  7. Dodge work even though others must shoulder the responsibility.
  8. Need rewards without generating them.
  9. Blame others for his or her problems, mistakes, plus circumstances.
  10. Spend their way into oblivion — and then complain which they don’t have money.
  11. Lay close to expecting others to carry out things for them.
  12. Talk non-stop, but rarely listen.
  13. Criticize others, but rarely take a good hard look at themselves.
  14. Refuse to associated with commitment, but then make a complaint about the outcome.
  15. Look straight down their nose with people.
  16. Make promises , yet never keep them — even promises in order to themselves.
  17. Run away from difficulties.
  18. Perform just enough to get by.
  19. Encompass themselves with harmful people.
  20. Think complaining will be productive.
  21. Go to extremes to obtain what they want.
  22. Pressure people to comply with their values — and then preach the significance of tolerance.
  23. Sell out their friends to further their objectives.
  24. Bully people to feed their ego.
  25. Request help to prevent doing the work.
  26. Resent others just for achieving success — even though it was earned .
  27. Overlook the good in their life because they are so obsessed with more, more, more.
  28. Do anything to win acceptance, even if it’s at the expenditure of others.
  29. Mistrust everyone simply because they don’t trust them selves.
  30. Turn out to be so obsessed with vengeance that they lose view of everything else.
  31. Worry so much about tomorrow that they’re miserable these days.
  32. Think they know it just about all, so there’s nothing more they can learn.
  33. Spend more time complaining than carrying out something about it.
  34. Believe every thing they hear without a healthy dose of skepticism.
  35. Treat others kinder compared to they treat them selves.
  36. Encourage themselves the cards are stacked against them — so they quit.
  37. Seem the other way to hide unethical behavior.
  38. Defame their particular reputation due to reckless behavior.
  39. Give in to enticement — and shed everything they value as a result.
  40. Set the bar so low they can trip on it.
  41. Secure immediate wins at the cost of long-term interactions.
  42. Allow their ego speak them into complacency.
  43. Fault others for their errors in lieu of accepting private responsibility.
  44. Shoot from the hip until they capture themselves in the feet.
  45. The actual crowd without looking where they’re heading.
  46. Brag about accomplishments — achieved decades ago.
  47. Make risky bets till they lose it all.
  48. Comply with rules blindly.
  49. Compromise their values and lose their self-respect.
  50. Believe this list does not apply to them.

Do any of the above behaviours apply to you? Here’s a little tidbit to suit your needs: There are two things that these fifty products have in common — they involve your mindset or attitude. That said, these behaviors aren’t imposed on you; you have complete control of them. You don’t have to become a train wreck unless that’s what you want to become. It’s your choice . Give that a few thought.

Are You a Train Wreck?

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