5 things that you need to give up in order to change your vibration

By Agné

You came to this globe as a spark of really like and light. Purest energy. Highest vibration. An extended section of source energy. And then life happened . You took on layers of doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, and whims of the EGO. And You forgot… A person forgot about the fire that you simply carry inside of you. You forgot that you are a co-creator.

Manifesting requires a lot of giving up, because if the old you didn’t give you the globe that you want, you will have to create a new You . Go through a rebirth process. A lot of people want to stay in the old consciousness, and they want the world around them to change. Yet there is no world around you, there is only a world within You. “As above so beneath, as inside so with out. ”

Anything that weighs you down will need to go because when you are rising and vibrating high you can attract everything that you desire. So , what is it that you will need to quit?



First of all, you will have to let go of your own limiting beliefs . They constrict you; they work against you and they make you a limited being. But you are an extension from the Source Energy and if it is far from limited to anything, then You as its part are not limited to something either. The truth is that there is a large number of wonderful potentials waiting around out there for you in the Universe. You just have to break the particular bars of the cage you have built yourself. You have to challenge and eliminate your restricting beliefs.


Step two will be letting go of your doubt ersus . Doubts is like hail that destroys the crops that you have planted along with so much love and treatment. When you doubt yourself , you doubt your development . You question your ability to manifest. You question your value . You question the truth that you are a co-creator . When you doubt, you don’t believe and if you don’t believe this cannot manifest. So , whichever your doubts are just go them in the bud.


The third thing that you will have to give up is fear . Danger is real, fear is what you might have in your head. It is invented . It is not real , even though it seems real for you. Since it is not real, it is your choice then if you decide to let your fears stop a person or not. Notice how dread is constricting and enjoy is expansive. In the state of love, you are open to what is coming to your daily life, you are open to opportunities, a person trust your life’s path. Always choose love.


Another very important thing that you will have to give up is excuses . I like the saying that goes “If you want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. ” So stop makes excuses why you can’t achieve something and go discover reasons why you can and should take a step, find the ways how to make some thing happen. Again – you can always choose whether you want to summon all your energy and will and obtain out of your comfort zone and generally there, in the unknown, create the most amazing things ever; or you want to give in to that little voice in your head that is offering you all kinds of excuses. Even if you do not feel ready 100% DO IT IN ANY CASE because you never will!


And last but not least you will have to let go of negativity . Negativity is generated simply by negative thoughts. If we give in to it nothing will ever be adequate or good enough including yourself. Your glass will always be half empty rather than half full . If you are negative, your vibration can be low. Your manifesting energy is very week, because if you are down there, you cannot attract anything that is up there. A way out there? You are the gatekeeper of the mind. Select what thoughts you want to allow in . Gratitude is definitely a game changer. It will make you appreciate and focus on everything you are and have today. It will take your attention of what is missing from your life. The vibration of gratitude may magically transform your energy industry and your own vibration. Minus failure it will attract more things to be grateful for because like attracts like .


Now you are free of all the things that were weighing you down; you can now spread your wings, and fly! Soar high wonderful eagle in the direction of your desires and goals!


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