5 Smart Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home Gymnasium

Young woman exercising on a yoga mat in her living room

People say there’ s no time such as the present to undertake a workout regime, and in many cases, people’ s homes are becoming their fitness center of preference.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw the closure of gyms and wellbeing facilities across the globe, and several exercise fanatics were forced to find an alternative way to work out… cue the frantic rush of people buying home exercise equipment.

Access to home gym equipment has made life easier for many people, because they can exercise from their own home without worrying about the commute or sharing an exercise area with various people. But in order to set your home-gym aside from the competition, perchance you should think about transforming your home gym right into a futuristic exercise haven, by implementing smart gadgets into it.

Additionally , having a smart gym on the premises is an effectual way to add value onto your property- so if you’re wondering ‘how can I sell my house fast? ’ and you have a home gym, take a good look at these smart gadgets.

Gadget #1- Smart Boxing Gear

If you have always desired to start boxing, this smart gadget is for you. FightCamps in-home boxing bag uses smart boxing gloves that are fitted with sensors to inform you of not only how hard you’re hitting the bag, but how many punches you land. The bag is fitted with real-time information to track your boxing progression- leading one to your Rocky-level boxing career from the comfort of your own home.

FightCamp smart boxing bag

Gadget #2- Mirror Personal Trainer

It sounds absurd, but technology is truly that advanced. At a first glance, the Mirror Personal Trainer seems to be nothing more than a full-length mirror you’d use to get ready in. But at a closer look it is actually a mirror fitted with a LCD screen, meaning you can watch instructor-led fitness classes which are live and on demand.

Mirror Personal Trainer - The nearly invisible gym

The mirror allows you to work on your form whilst working out, because of the mirror being placed directly before you. Offering various types of classes, from yoga, cardio and strengthening classes, the mirror has higher level personal training- and using Bluetooth and activating the mirror camera, your PT can monitor you during your workout.

Gadget #3- Interactive Studio

Perfect for people who enjoy resistance training, the JAXJOX Interactive Studio comes with an electronic foam roller, and kettlebells and dumbbells that automatically adjust in weight. Attached to the top of the equipment is just a touchscreen monitor, that may guide you through each workout and track your progress using the detectors in the equipment.

JAXJOX Interactive Studio equipment with screen

Each time you work out you will be rewarded with a ‘Fitness IQ’, which is a score that takes your average performance, heartrate, consistency and opted for fitness level into account to calculate your overall progress.

Gadget #4- Hydrorow

Using this gadget, you can transform the mundane activity of exercise rowing and pretend you’ re anywhere in the world. The screen at the top of the Hydrorow rowing machine lets you either look at stunning landscapes or partake in personalised exercise classes.

Hydrow Athlete Sera Moon using Hydrow Rower in an apartment

Each machine comes with added equipment, such as a padded seat, dual speakers, a water bottle holder and mounted transport wheels so the bike can be easily moved from room to room.

Gadget #5- Foldable Workout Device

A foldable workout device is perfect if you’re buying compact piece of fitness equipment.

Woman using treadmill while working at a standing desk

Lying flat against the floor, it operates as a mini tread mill without the handles, so can be placed anywhere including underneath your work desk. The device also stores vertically once folded in half, so can be hidden from sight.

We’re sure that one of the gadgets above will soon be perfect for your home gym. If you have some equipment we’ve missed, drop us a comment below!

Featured Image: Young woman exercising on a yoga mat in her family area by DCStudio on Freepik. com

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