5 Personality Traits Of People That you Must Know Before Taking Work Interviews

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The selection of a candidate for any job usually depends on skillset, qualification, plus experience. Nowadays, Companies are aware of considering a person’s personality traits also. Various information and studies proved the vital role of an employee’s personality in job efficiency.

There are 5 universally recognized personality forms – Openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The particular acronym given to them is “OCEAN. ” But these 5 personalities are in extreme comparison with each other. But we all know those who are somewhere in between and not possessing any intense characteristics. To sort this further 16pf personality test was invented simply by Dr . Raymond Cattell. It measures the 16 character traits among the 5 primary personality factors.

Let us understand the “ OCEAN . ”

1 . Openness

The name says everything. These people are open to new experiences and environments. They despise the comfort zone and love to learn new things every day. The world is their canvas. They are creative beings and are full of imagination. They accept any kind of change easily and don’t fear failure. People who are with a lack of this area are much less imaginative and less flexible to change.

2 . Conscientiousness

Notify, organized, disciplined, and dependable are some of the qualities that may describe people with a high rating in conscientiousness. These people don’t act on impulse. Their particular every move is prepared well in advance. They are goal-oriented and ambitious. They make an effort to be on top of their job. People scoring less with this factor react on behavioral instinct and often procrastinate work.

3. Extroversion

He or She would be a people’s person if they got high ranking in extroversion. These people like meeting new people plus making friends. They flourish with maximum interaction with other people. Stage fright or nervousness are non-familiar qualities. People ranking low in this area prefer isolation over the collecting of people. They might suffer from social anxiety also.

4. Agreeableness

Human qualities like amazing advantages and sympathy are priorities for these people. They think more about others rather than them selves. They are very understanding and cares about the people who are connected with them. A perfect team gamer! Helping others is their own hobby. People lacking in agreeableness can be mean and chilly towards other people. They can reflect more of competitiveness amongst the team rather than cooperation.

5. Neuroticism

People getting a high rating in neuroticism are psychologically and mentally weak individuals. Human shortcomings like anxiety, stress, sadness, and be concerned engulf them easily. They are not very good at coping plan dynamic, challenging, or demanding situations at work. People who score low in this criteria tend to be more mature, stable, and tranquil.


A paper was published in Science Direct in 2016, that stated that leaders who realize employees’ personalities utilize their own strengths better. They take a lot more productive work out of their team members. Employees feel secure in an understanding environment. Leaders should recognize the dominant personality traits in themselves also to perform better.

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