5 Lessons I Learned After Losing Almost everything

There are had the privilege of losing every thing.

– Byron Katie

I actually had been wealthy at one point in my life. I felt on top of the planet and yet, emptier than ever.

I was conscious that I was milling myself to the bone tissue, but that was not enough to stop my push forward. It wasn’t enough, it had been never enough. I wanted more, more .

One faithful time, my luck sold out. The sleep deprival was compounding. I actually hit my splitting point. I was looking at my monitor within disbelief. I had lost 75% of our net worth within a split second. The only consolation prize was an email in my inbox educating me that I lost a ton of money.

I was a day trader. I was a bettor. I won thousands, then lost everything. Through an unfathomable chain of events, I turned a small sum of money into a fortune, only to lose it all back again.

The worst part was I spent the next two years trying to climb upward that same mountain I had once claimed. This time, the outcome had been different. I wasn’t getting lucky any more, I was watching the sanity evaporate.

Fast forward per year. My lease is about to run out. I’m down to my last few thousand bucks. I don’t know where to turn and the wall space are closing within on me.

This was my minute of defeat. I had to admit, I unsuccessful. I actually met my greatest fear, being shattered. Being a failure. It was destiny and I had to swallow the worst imaginable pain I had formed ever endured.

All the doors that were once open for me personally closed. One by one, I actually tried to force these doors to open again, simply to realize they had already been shut for good.

That was a little over 2 years ago. Ever since then, I’ve started over from zero. It was the hardest encounter I had to go through. I am aware how difficult it could be when the walls are closing in on you. It’s suffocating. Seems hopeless. The light appears an eternity away.

But I made it to the other aspect. Hopefully, you can learn something from the hard lessons I had to endure. Below are the 5 lessons I learned from losing everything.

1 . If you’re not helping, you’re hurting.

During my rollercoaster ride, I had made decision after choice to put my own achievement before anyone else. That will meant above my family, friends, and even myself. I thought that if We worked hard enough, I can make it up afterwards.

I was deceased wrong. I was not helping anyone. I was only hurting everyone around me. As well as for what? Money in the lender? Status? Luxury? Security?

I had dropped sight of what was important. I thought that I would find happiness in the end, but when I acquired there, the only thing still left was a black gap. I had stomped our way to victory forgetting to look behind me. I couldn’t take a look at myself in the mirror. I was a husk of my previous self.

Individual success is important, in case you don’t discover a way to help people together your journey, you won’t find any satisfaction no matter how higher you climb. You have to bring people along with you, otherwise, you’ll browse around one day and understand you’re standing only.

2 . Question your causes.

I bought into the “hustle” mindset early in my twenties. The only thing I “grinded” out was my mental state. I was running on empty for a long time which led to extreme burnout.

When I had lost the last few dollars to my title, I was left asking my path. I kept replaying the particular years over me, where did it most of go wrong?

Our biggest mistake was thinking that I would find happiness after achieving my goals. To inform you the truth, We resented myself. I actually wished that the self-inflicted suffering would finish. But I still pushed on, convinced that it would change right after crossing the finish range.

Nothing changed, I only sunk myself deeper in to a hole. If you are not finding happiness correct this second, you won’t find it right after crossing off your insights. Question your reasons and what’s driving you, because if it is fueled by self confidence, you’ll only extend the inevitable.

3. In case it’s not working, revolves.

I tried for months to look down the path the fact that universe was so desperately trying to get me to steer from. I was stubborn, I am not the type to quit. But it didn’t issue. Years ago I went through a spiritual awakening and this experience seemed it was shattering what was left of the ego.

We kept trying to pressure who I thought I was. I felt like an outline associated with myself rather than a full-bodied person. I had to create a change.

It was more than hard dealing with reality and acknowledging that I had to start over. All of my hard work was for nothing. It wasn’t for nothing within hindsight, but it do feel like that during the time.

If your route no longer feels magical and the energy continues to be zapped out of lifestyle, it might be a sign to pivot. When you’re in line with your deepest being, you will not need to force this. I’ve found in my entire life that if things had been meant to be, you won’t have to go looking for them.  

4. You have to take.

You need to give up to get better. After i felt suffocated without hope, I had to simply accept my destiny. I was broke, gutted, and without any means to provide for myself. That was our reality. Until We accepted it completely, I wasn’t capable to move forward.

Acceptance is the key to finding serenity. Even in your dark moments, peace can be obtained. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but peace does not mean joy . It means becoming ok with the present instant, without argument. Till you’re able to accept where you are, you’ll be stuck fighting contrary to the current.

Circulation with life. All of us have to go through our very own unique rollercoaster trip. The job in life is found when that trip comes back up.

5. It requires time.

Having to wait is painful. I felt that life would never turn around. I thought that I would never feel joy or peace again.

You know exactly how when one thing goes poor, everything starts to go south? It was like that. I would feel that I was making progress only to be set back further. I used to be forced to take a good look at every thing leading up to that time.

I had to make big changes in my life, otherwise, I might be doomed to some life of unhappiness. I am so, so thankful that the invisible push of the universe brought me to my knees and made me look at what I has been doing dead in the eye.

As long as the last few years felt, I wouldn’t change it out. Even though I’m much less well off, I realize that I’m going down the right path. I’ve helped more people than I can count and am plan to continue helping until my final day on Earth.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in a period of turmoil right now, know that it WILL get better. But it will only improve if you put in the time and effort. You don’t have to do a 180 nowadays, but you do have to bring yourself 1 inch closer to the light.

Ask yourself the most important thing to you. Dig straight down and find what might make life really worth living. And then move and live that life. We only have so little time here in the world, it would be a pity to waste even a second of it.

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