4 Steps to Turn Your Fear Into Belief

Let’s be real and get to the stage. … This past year we’ve all faced a ton of fear and in numerous ways have sensed powerless. But there is one area exactly where we do have energy. We have the power to select what we focus on. In each and every moment we have the choice to lean into more fear plus engage in more dilemma, or we can associated with choice to trim into love no matter what.

In this movie I share spiritual and practical methods for you to take your power back and transform your own fear into faith. Watch now!

One of the essential messages in this video is that even in the most uncomfortable circumstances we now have the power to trim into faith as being a guide back to like. But we are more comfortable being uncomfortable than we are being joyful. In a weird way we feel safer in a state of fear. So the moment we start to really feel relief and begin in order to lean into love, our ego (that the voice associated with fear within us) starts to say, “Nope! That’s too great to be true. ”

When that will voice of fright starts to speak up, follow these 4 steps from the latest Dear Gabby mash-up video!


When in doubt, say this!

We have a fault-finding mindset rather than an answer, happiness-oriented mindset. Therefore the next time you notice which you aren’t in a good place or that will doubt creeps in, I want you to speak back to that voice.

Say, “Thank you for discussing, but I choose joy instead. Thank you for expressing, but I don’ t believe that tone of voice anymore. Thank you for spreading, but I’ mirielle choosing love right now. ” Give your self permission in the moment to speak back to the particular fault-finding voice and begin to claim the greatness of you.

When you panic, do this …

When you notice your self activated, wanting to react, judge, attack, or even obsess about a problem, instead, say this prayer (to whoever you speak to):

I select love no matter what. Thank you so much, Universe. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Spirit, meant for revealing the caring solution to me at this point.

Change pain into purpose.

I believe whenever we become grateful for the past circumstances, no matter how difficult they may were, we can move forward with a greater understanding plus awareness of what all those experiences gave to us.

When we can look as well as say, “Wow, I am resilient! Look just how much I learned from that. I feel more free than I’ ve ever felt before”; when we turn out to be willing to see our own difficult past encounters through the lens of gratitude and like, we can move forward with faith and grace.

Give yourself permission to do this.

If you’ re wondering how you can trust the voice associated with inspiration rather than the tone of voice of fear, make a quick adjustment and start to do more issues that bring inspiration into the life. Focus on actions and thoughts that temporarily suspend logic and reason, to allow more inspiration plus joy to come through you.

Any time you give yourself permission to stop thinking and start allowing, inspiration comes through in place of dread. It’s the delicate shift of you choosing to get back into alignment that will open up your consciousness to see things through the lens of love as opposed to the lens of dread.

If you want to learn how to let go of the need to control so you can rest into a sense associated with certainty and freedom, follow the guidance within my book The Universe Has Your Back : Transform Fear to Faith . Making the particular shift from concern to faith will provide you with a sense of power in the world that all too often makes us feel utterly powerless.

Tune in for more …

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