25 Actions That SHOUT Strong Work Ethic

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Work ethic is a set of important values that strengthens your character , boosts your career, and results in a more fulfilling lifestyle. In addition , a strong work ethic is instrumental in helping an organization achieve success.

Work ethic is as much an mindset as it is an activity. As Ken Blanchard, management expert and author, said, “There’s a difference between interest and dedication . When you are interested in doing some thing, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept simply no excuses; only outcomes. ”

Here are 25 principles that characterize a powerful work ethic:

  1. Take pride in what you are.
  2. Put in the effort, not just time.
  3. Perform what’s required before being requested.
  4. Bring out the best in others.
  5. Arranged high expectations.
  6. Do the job correct rather than cutting edges.
  7. Contribute rather than complain.
  8. Get the job done — regardless of whether it’s within your job description delete word.
  9. Deal with suggestions being a gift rather than being a slap in the face.
  10. Run toward problems rather than away from them.
  11. Cease evaluating your energy to that of others.
  12. Volunteer — without expecting something in return.
  13. Do what’s right rather than what’s politically expedient.
  14. Acquire your own rewards rather than demanding them .
  15. Roll up your sleeves — even when you fear the activity.
  16. Smile instead of performing like a prima donna.
  17. Problem yourself before challenging others.
  18. Put in extra function — even when it’s on your own time.
  19. Finish the job rather than playing Cinderella — running away the door when the clock strikes five.
  20. Treat the customer as a treasure, not really a nuisance.
  21. Show what you are made of when times are tough .
  22. Become a cheerleader for the firm and its people.
  23. Do more than needed.
  24. Purchase your personal and professional growth .
  25. Be the person that others look up to.

Do You Have a Strong Work ethics?

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