2 most powerful words that will help you to manifest ANYTHING that you desire.

by Agnè

I AM work. I AM abundant. I AM endless. I am beautiful, I am brave, I am enough, I am healthful, I am happy, I am capable of doing great things, I am wealthy, We are harmonious, I am at peace…

There are no two words more powerful when it comes to bringing in and manifesting than the phrases “I AM”. The declaration “I AM” is the most potent statement one can ever believe, write or speak. It is what we believe about which we ARE . Manifesting is attracting things, people and experiences from the infinite field of potentials to our physical planet. We can only achieve that whenever we are one with our desire. If your vibration and energy matches that of your wish, you can expect your miracle. So , who are you and what are you? I invite you to reflect on the things that you are affirming in order to yourself on a daily basis. Because every “I AM” is a seed that you are planting in your mind garden and every “I AM” is really a manifestation that will take place regardless of the energy that it bears (positive or negative). If you possibly could harness the power of WE ARE, there will be nothing that you cannot be or do or have. I would like to share with you a few extremely important ideas that will help you to become a learn manifestor:

Use your “I AM” inside a powerful way: I AM an unlimited divine being .

You came to this world as pure light and appreciate. When growing up, your environment, conditioning and your ego produced you believe that you are less. A person forgot about the divine spark in you. Yet – you still have an infinite life force within you, you’ll still are an extended part of Resource Energy. So if the Work or the Universe is not restricted to anything, and you are an extension from it, you are not limited to anything possibly!

WE ARE affirmations brings you home – to the blissful and beautiful condition where you are enough just as you are, where you are beautiful, loved and appreciated just because you ARE. It will help you to reconnect to your divine spark and your highest potential and therefore create the most beautiful plus fulfilling life that you desire which you were always meant to reside.

WE ARE should be always followed by a positive statement

The words “I AM” hold a mighty force associated with creation and so the words stated in this article your “I AM” are usually summoning a manifestation because you are declaring it to become a fact. You are declaring this to be true. You win over your conscious and most importantly your subconscious mind with this particular belief.

Our own manifesting powers, our vibration and energy are straight related to what we believe about ourselves. As mentioned above, since you are part of a work, you are nothing less than perfect, so when you are saying I am not, I cannot, I will not in some ways not only you are desecrating the name of God or the Divine Supply, but you are also attracting plus manifesting things that you do not really want in your life.

I actually kindly invite you to go with the two most powerful words “I AM” to your advantage: I AM delighted. I AM healthy. I AM appreciate. I AM loved. I AM incredible. I AM called to this Earth to create beautiful things. I AM here to leave a legacy.

I AM is always used in the present tense .

All the energy of creation is always in the now, thus I AM is always used in the current tense. It is who a person are right now. The “I AM” affirmations will help you increase your vibration to an increased consciousness and will help you to transform your energy field, because they discharge incredible, almost unstoppable energy.

Law associated with attraction teaches that you need to live as if your desire has manifested, you have to live in the end result. In other words, you have to become whatever you want to manifest. You have to become one with your desire. You need to embody it. When you state “I AM” in the present tense you become one with your wish. You connect to that potential, to its frequency, to its vibration. You become it and it will become you . And when you feel one , there is no longer any separation between you and your desire; then the law of attraction functions its fullest and highest power.

And last but not least:

If used properly WE ARE will help you to replace your restricting beliefs.

A limiting perception is a statement that you have recurring to yourself over and over again till it became true to you. And when something becomes true, it starts affecting your existence in a negative way – you believe that you are not valuable, you are not enough or not capable of doing things. It creates energy blocks, it stops the power from flow, and it produces fears, doubts and standard excuses. It prevents you from living to your highest potential.

With the help of “I AM” affirmations you can reprogram your mind, erase your limiting beliefs and manifest the life that you truly desire. Produce a new I AM identity and so a new life. Repetition is the key and so is the effort to really charge all of your affirmations emotionally . You need to burn these affirmations into the subconscious mind, because the unconscious mind is the gateway to the Infinite, to the Universe. And when you will really start believing all the strengthening things about yourself, you will be able to sit back and watch your life to blossom in the most beautiful methods.






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