10 Minute Guided Meditation to Attract Money Now

Welcome to session three. As we continue our journey to make abundance, wealth, and prosperity a normal part of our lives. To make abundance as natural as breathing the air around us. So let’s spend the first couple of minutes or so quieting the mind. This will as always prepare you to receive and embody today’s principle of being open and ready to receive the abundance that is flowing to you. So I invite you to relax, clear your mind. Suspend any disbelief, perhaps, you’re hanging on to about this process. You’re open, you’re available, you’re eager to embrace what transpires over the next several minutes with an open mind.

Rewiring your brain in this way can truly empower you, if you let it. So take a deep breath. Slowly let it out. Just relax. Clear your mind. Let any thoughts that come up just drift on by like clouds in the sky. Let your mind float along with the music and enjoy this time you’ve set aside for you. If at any time you find thoughts creeping up and your mind wandering, just take another deep breath. Return to that sense of stillness and openness to this experience. Now that you’re relaxed and clear, let’s take some important steps to literally rewire your brain with today’s focus topic. As always, I’ll recite each affirmation, then you’ll repeat the statement back to yourself, either out loud or in your mind. These I am statements are powerful, so recite them with a sense of intensity, with knowing.

Let them be installed at the core of your being. Are you ready? Let’s begin. I am open and ready to receive. Wealth and abundance are flowing into my life right now. The financial door is open and I let money flow in. I welcome money into my life and it is good. I am open and available to receive prosperity. I am swimming in an ocean of abundance. I observe the flow of abundance all around me. I am keenly aware of the positive flow of money all around me.

I am tapped into the financial flow. I let the current of abundance carry me. I give myself permission to swim in prosperity. I love the freedom that money gives me. I allow the flow of money into my life. The abundance I receive reflects the good I do in the world. My life is a magnet for prosperity. I attract the perfect amount of money at the ideal time. The abundance I seek is also seeking me. I am financially and spiritually abundant. I am open and available to receive prosperity. I am swimming in an ocean of abundance.

I am worthy to receive. I am ready to receive. I welcome money into my life. I am open and ready to receive. You’re doing a wonderful job of internalizing these principles. Now take a couple of minutes to visualize how this day will unfold. As you commit to being open and ready to receive abundance, how will you move through your day? What qualities will you bring forth? How will you feel as you go about your business, interact with people? How will you carry yourself? Take a moment and imagine your perfect day as if you were living from the place of being open and receptive to abundance. Do that right now. Great job! Now take a couple of minutes to fill out today’s prosperity sheets and go have an amazing and abundant day..

Gratitude is a fullness of heart that moves you from limitation and fear to expansion and love when you’re appreciating something your Eagle moves out of the way you can have two attention on eagle and gratitude at the same time you can have your attention on fear and gratitude at the same time when you’re grateful fear disappears when you’re grateful stress disappears gratitude helps us connect with something outside ourselves often transcendence and larger than ourselves by the end of this exercise you will find a positive emotional state by simply focusing on the part of your life that you are most thankful for appreciate the abundance in your life being grateful is an energizing way to start your day and it will laxing way to end it gently close your eyes place both of your hands on your heart and relax your whole body and take a feel deep breath breathing slowly through your mouth ask for the feeling of gratitude to show up in your body now if you feel nothing just wait and be patient maybe you feel just a warmth or maybe a little pressure or movement be patient whatever the feeling is don’t discount it just move your awareness to it who do you appreciate visualize their faces yes and physically reach out in the air with both of your hands and grab them and put them in your heart who are you grateful for for having in your life today maybe’s your spell’s your loved ones your family your kids and your friends picture them one by one yes and grab them and put them in your heart as if you’re giving them a big hug yes who else are you grateful for for having in your life today how are you fortunate what are you grateful for go ahead and say it yes touch it physically grab it and put it in your heart what are you grateful for say it now notice your improved feeling and be appreciative of the way you feel and ask for the feeling to amplify ten times a hundred times a thousand times and what material possessions are you thankful for picture them and physically grab them and put them in your heart go for it now you what abilities do you have that you’re grateful for visualize them and physically grab them and put them in your heart now pay attention to your senses everything is seeing hearing feeling and smelling maybe even tasting and see how many things you can find to be grateful for what an amazing and blissful feeling in the center of gratitude you are everything and have everything anyone could ever want what relationships are you thankful for feel the love compassion and understanding that gratitude brings into your heart what are you taking for granted that if you stop to think about it you’re grateful for what is there about the challenges and difficulties you have experience that you can be thankful for yes what have you learned how have you grown feel the love feel the joy feel the happiness own it it’s all yours notice how the anger disappears notice how the guilt disappears notice how the fear disappears imagine losing some of the things that you take for granted such as your home your ability to see or hear your ability to walk or anything that currently gives you comfort then imagine getting each one of those things back graph them one by one faster yes put them in your heart and consider how grateful you would be for each and everything that you already have and ask for the feeling to amplify ten times a hundred times a thousand times and notice how the feeling gets stronger and stronger just for a few moments consider the things you have in your life that you could be grateful for all the nurturing relationships the material conference body and the mind that allows you to understand yourself and everything around you just breathe and be grateful for the air that is filling your lungs and making your life possible simply feel your body and your likeness and acknowledge what a miracle it is just to be alive right now allow your awareness to appreciate what is seeing smelling and touching just at this moment and you will find yourself in the middle of the stream of life without trying it all now continuing in this relaxed state of gratitude you’re going to allow yourself to take a journey feeling relaxed peaceful and calm allow yourself to imagine your ideal life this is your personal vision for yourself as negative thoughts like I can’t have that I can’t do that or that’s not possible arise gently release them right now you can create any life you want and you won’t need any baggage for this trip take a moment and pack up your worries and tears in a suitcase actually physically close the case put it down and leave it there imagine yourself living it behind feeling peaceful and relaxed Matt’s begin your journey put both of your hands in the air imagine a bright white light shining above your head let the like view your whole being with peace and love let it penetrate every cell in your body every tissue in every orbit imagine that you’re travelling into the ideal life a life in which you can and have achieved your dreams see the person you are in this vision everything that you have wanted come into your world your dreams your dreams effortlessly came true your confidence is restored and your trust and believe who you are you no longer question anything you desire you trust the universe what are you doing yes see it feel it live it where do you live who are you with notice everything you see and take a moment to up sort it all how are you making a living how are your finances see everything in as much detail as possible and ask for further clarity if you need what are your surroundings like what are you doing for spiritual growth how do you spend your leisure time yes how does it feel to be you and notice everything that you see and take a moment to absorb it all is there anything that could make this vision even better remember there’s no boundary to your thoughts go for it now on account of one two three I want you to say the word freedom one two three go for it on account of one two three I want you to say the word freedom twice as loud one two three and our kind of one two three I want you to say the word freedom one last time as loud as you could one two three see beauty living prepare to return from our journey is there anything more you might explore believe this take a moment to express gratitude for all you have seen your patient imagine yourself traveling back to the present and witched by this patient and when you’re ready slowly open your eyes take a moment and see your life and yourself in the present through those eyes

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